Axminster / Wilton

  1. Handtufted
  2. Hand Knotted
  3. Handloom
  4. Axminster/Wilton

The modern Wilton and Axminster Looms are both ideal to produce high standard carpets and rugs with bespoke designs.

Thanks to Axminster method, each individually coloured yarn is selected by the loom, cut and inserted as a ‘U’ shaped tuft wherever needed, often creating intricate patterns.

Wilton weaving generally involves fewer colours with the yarn running continuously, either at the surface or in the back. Whichever weaving method is used, the result is much the same: a beautiful, high-quality and dimensionally stable carpet suitable for heavy-wear applications.

Luxury Carpet Studio realizes bespoke carpets and rugs with ancient techniques. We ensure the highest quality standards for our luxury custom carpets and rugs, using the finest yarns available on the market.