Elisabetta Santoro: Design becomes art

“After Fuorisalone, the Earth collection, signed by you for Luxury Carpet Studio, received a lot of interest from all the professional environment. How did you find the inspiration for this innovative line?”

At the base of the design there is a continuous research and experimentation that pushes to go beyond what has already been done, to find new and innovative solutions. This is what I try to do in my work and, when this ambition meets a modern and avant-garde company such as Luxury Carpet Studio, here comes to life projects such as the Earth collection in which the challenge was to find new scenarios for carpet use. The carpet is no longer just an element that embellishes the floors, but can become a wall complement, a lamp, a real work of art.

“Which element of Earth are you most proud of and why?”

I am proud of the whole collection, but there was one element that aroused me wonder in a completely unexpected way, it was the atmosphere that was created the first time we turned on the light of Neptune. Until that moment, I could only partially imagine how the light would behave on the carpet and the surrounding environment and, to see how the light would integrate perfectly with the carpet enhancing its quality and how the space was scenographically illuminated, was a great satisfaction, a confirmation that we had succeeded in the intent.

 “These are complex furnishings. How did the creative process take place?”

The creative process has followed exactly what was the intent of the collection, which is to create an object where the rug and the lamp cast perfectly in a single piece of furniture, therefore, the two elements were not treated individually, but designed and developed at the same time in a single overview.

“What is it like to work with an internationally renowned company like LCS? Did you have freedom in decision – making?”

It was a wonderful opportunity for me. It is not easy to find companies that leave you carte blanche in the creative process, instead Luxury Carpet Studio supported the project immediately, gave me full confidence also in the production phase and the opportunity to experiment by pushing itself into new areas, such as lighting. 

 “You have no doubt imagined the ideal locations for the products of the Earth collection: where did you imagine them?”

They are produced by visual impact and important dimensions, with technical characteristics that make them an ideal tool for architects and interior designers who want to embellish their projects such as lobbies and halls of hotels, high fashion showrooms and exclusive residences. It is also a product suitable for the private user who will find in Luxury Carpet Studio the technical advice necessary to prepare their environments for the installation of the product.

“We know that you are also the signature of another ambitious project of the company, the Kyoto collection: How Was it born?”

Also this collection was born from a beautiful connection and harmony with Luxury Carpet Studio. The passion for Japan unites us and was the inspiration for the Kyoto collection. My husband is Japanese and this allowed me to get closer to this culture and contaminate my artistic path. In particular, for the Kyoto collection I was inspired by spirituality and some elements of nature typical of Japan.

“What kind of research have you done in relation to the best materials to enhance the beautiful iconography of the Kyoto lines?”

For the research of materials I was supported by the experience and professionalism of Luxury Carpet Studio with which we have identified the most suitable materials for the type of three-dimensional processing and at the same time precious. The predominance is merino wool which, due to its compactness, adapts to very sculptural processes such as those that characterize the Kyoto Line. Then there is silk that enhances the designs of Ginkgo and bamboo.

“Design is constantly evolving. What do you see in the future of leading companies like Luxury Carpet Studio?”

Design is also sensitive to the environmental issue and is making its contribution by seeking eco-sustainable solutions. I think also companies like Luxury Carpet Studio are going in this direction doing research on yarns made from recycling and that can be used in the production of environmentally sustainable carpets.

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