1. Handtufted
  2. Hand Knotted
  3. Handloom
  4. Axminster/Wilton

Luxury Carpet Studio realizes bespoke carpets and rugs with ancient techniques.
We ensure the highest quality standards for our luxury custom carpets, and rugs, using the finest yarns available on the market.

The experience and competences gained over the years allow us to distinguish perfectly the differences between the yarns: a difficult activity, considering the continuous growth of many similar qualities on the market.

Our team is also able to distinguish their structural characteristics, potentialities and performance, proposing the best weaving for every project.
All this allows us to be a partner of our customers and always build a professional, reliable relationship.
We can create any custom design carpets and rugs, with any material such as: wool, natural silk, viscose, bamboo, banana, natural and artificial cotton, twisted yarns, special spinned together yarns and blends.