Luxury Carpet Studio, an international company specialized in design and manufacturing of handmade rugs and wall to wall carpets, showcases the new Colorful Collection 2023, based on eco-friendly approach, high-quality and customization, perfectly suitable for yachts, hotels, residential sector and fashion retail.

The inspiration came from the geometric shapes and the daring colors of fashion that were popular in the 80s, but also have a contemporary resonance. It’s a high-end collection made with natural, noble and eco-sustainable yarns as wool and silk.

Highly customizable and equipped with the major international certifications in the sector. Colorful is designed for the market niches the company operates in, from hospitality to luxury residential sector, megayachts over 40 meters and fashion retail.

It’s an important piece that completes Luxury Carpet Studio’s exclusive program, based on the concept of beauty, functionality, refinement and respect for the environment, a crucial theme for the company which uses eco-friendly yarns, including synthetic ones and nonpolluting colors.