Cosmogonia: a real masterpiece as result of the partnership between Luxury Carpet Studio and Rizoma Architetture

Bold challenges and extraordinary creativity come to life in the Cosmogonìa rug designed by Rizoma Architetture and entrusted to the skilled hands of Luxury Carpet Studio.

In the world of traditional rugs, Rizoma Architetture embraces a daring challenge, committed to breaking conventions and crafting an unconventional furnishing piece with a lively and distinctive personality. The crystalline design concept that guided this venture was apparent from the outset – defy norms to birth a genuinely one-of-a-kind carpet. As space creators, bespoke fluidity is a foundational principle perpetually driving their creative process.

The innovative rug concept seamlessly integrates into this vision thanks to the mastery of Luxury Carpet Studio, which decided to be part of this project immediately, proving to be enthusiastic but at the same time extremely capable. The fluid form transcends traditional confines, giving rise to a remarkable silhouette.

The interplay of multiple textures and finishes, coupled with the three-dimensionality of sheared wool, introduces an additional layer of intricacy and elegance.

This rug, born from the extreme challenge to push our artisanal skills, stands as a hymn to creative brilliance. It manifests as the outcome of an extraordinary fusion of production techniques, bearing witness to craftsmanship that pushes the boundaries of textile art, experimenting and amalgamating all available production techniques, crafting a genuinely unique sensory and spatial experience.

Let’s reflect on the vibrant evening of September 27th in Bologna, during the UNFOLD event, known as ‘off Cersaie‘. An impeccable synergy between leisure, business, celebrations, networking, music, and encounters shaped an environment brimming with dynamism. In this context, our exclusive Cosmogonia rug, born from the collaboration between Rizoma Architetture and Luxury Carpet Studio, took center stage.

The event, focused on the concept of fluidity, aimed to stimulate guests’ five senses through engaging multisensory experiences. As the lively notes of music permeated the atmosphere, our masterpiece, born from the creative genius of Rizoma Architetture, boldly challenged conventional norms in textile art. The Cosmogonia rug, an expression of an extraordinary fusion of production techniques, became the focal point, inviting participants to immerse themselves in its fluid forms, multiple textures, and finishes, along with the tactile allure of sheared wool.

UNFOLD transformed into a stage where our carpet narrated a story of creativity and craftsmanship, capturing the essence of a truly distinctive encounter. The event not only celebrated the excellence of design but also engaged the senses, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. An evening where every step was a dance and every touch an experience, reflecting the spirit of fluidity elegantly encapsulated in the Cosmogonia rug.

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