Luxury Carpet Studio goes to the theater

The company of Vincenzo Solenne and the Academy of Fine Arts “Rosario Gagliardi”- Made Program of Syracuse sign a project to create a large tapestry fabric in wool, viscose and ECONYL®, located in the famous Teatro San Carlo in Naples.

It is a collaboration that, in addition to having a very high social impact, included ethical, cultural issues, patronage, local tradition and sustainability (one of the materials was ECONYL®, a fibre derived from industrial waste and recycled fishing nets). The initiative also marries a very noble will on the part of the CEO of the company, Vincenzo Solenne, originally from Naples, who chose to donate the tapestry to the aforementioned theater, exposing it during the opera Madama Butterfly scheduled last September. We started from this design constraint of inspiration that involved all the students of the course, giving them the opportunity to discover the world of carpet and give vent to their creativity

Alessandro Montel explains how the collaboration was born, as a cultural operator with a thousand interests, who is the creator and director of Made Program:

“I appreciated the open approach to social activities of Luxury Carpet Studio, the attention and sartorial care that puts in the conception and processing of carpets. I was very interested to discover ECONYL® by Aquafil, an eco-sustainable regenerated nylon obtained from the recycling of discarded or unused fishing nets. I seemed to have found a perfect physical and symbolic connection with the sea, with Syracuse and its ancient seafaring soul. This is how Art Carpet was born, as a challenge of designing and realizing, weaving by hand with these regenerated yarns a large tapestry, involving thirty students of the courses of visual arts design and fashion. Andrea Anastasio had the aim to coordinate them, as owner of the course of Anthropology of the project, designer and talented teacher”.

At the end of the course the result exceeded all aspects: each student’s ideas were brilliant, original and in line with the Opera itself. Luxury Carpet Studio had the arduous task of choosing the winning artwork, Entwurf, transforming it into a real tapestry. The company supported Montel and Anastasio and chose the perfect mix between different technical possibilities, with the aim of doing justice to the materiality of the original painting.

Vincenzo Solenne is extremely proud of the success of the project:

“Art Carpet proves that a company like Luxury Carpet Studio is not just profit. I think it’s right to make our successes available to the community, to give resources to culture. This is necessary for everyone to grow and improve. I’m sure Made Program students and their mentors will do a great job creating a valuable art object. The tapestry, in agreement with Montel and the Academy, will be donated to the Teatro San Carlo, a great temple of Opera music and one of the main icons of Naples, the city where I was born and trained and to which, with this multi-voice creation, I want to pay my heartfelt tribute”.

In the meanwhile, another collaboration was also born with the Officine San Carlo from the reclamation of the Cirio di Vigliena factories in the San Giovanni a Teduccio district, by means of which the Theatre now intends to promote the realization of a creative centre. It’s gonna be both a formative and productive center, within a connective tissue that involves various entities of the area, generating with them a profitable exchange and new effects on the territory, and creating, also through educational activities, new opportunities for dialogue and active participation of citizenship.

The contest has certainly generated beautiful social repercussions, full of ethics and humanity not common, just as wanted by the parent company Luxury Carpet Studio.

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