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Kyoto: all the magic of the East

Elegant and refined as only Japanese art can be, the New Kyoto collection is a tribute to an ancient and precious iconography, inspired by Japanese  typical tradition, nature and spirituality.

Kyoto includes five different models:

– Higasa in merino wool and with all the charm of the iconography of traditional fans and umbrellas used by Japanese women;

– Zen, in merino wool and with all the spirituality of the Zen sand gardens;

Teien, in luxury pride and silk,is inspired by the geometries of the checkered gardens of Tofukuji temple in Kyoto;

 Ginkgo, in merino wool and silk, is dedicated to ginkgo trees that survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb, becoming a symbol of hope and rebirth;

– Bambù, in merino wool and silk. Images born from the study of the ancient Japanese paintings made with ink on canvas above all those that have bamboo leaves as their subject.

Small works of art that enrich any environment, from residential to hospitality, from retail to yachting, giving a truly unique touch.

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