Luxury Carpet Studio launches Monumental Collection

Luxury Carpet Studio has made the art of making bespoke rugs its speciality, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t cover other market segments. ​

As we know how  important it is to meet the need of those clients that look for an  alternative to  tailor made carpets, we introduced  Standard Collections, turnkey products at the usual high technical  level but ready for our customers to order and use.​

Thanks to our long experience in making the dreams of our customers come true, we created a pre-packaged collection that meets all your unexpressed needs: Monumental Collection.​

 Named as the  most  important cities of France, each line of this collection has its own characteristics but all of them are suitable to enrich luxury contexts. Fascinating array of elegance, resistance and performances are intertwined with the art, architecture and history of old monuments, representing famous French cities.​

Immortal and unmistakable style, iconic, durable: this is Monumental Collection by Luxury Carpet Studio.

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